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JOURNAL — Styling Ideas

3 Cozy Wedding Gift Ideas for Winter Brides

For the mom who goes on walks every day, no matter how few leaves are on the trees, for the grandmother whose love language is feeling extra cozy, for the bride who planned a gorgeous January wedding, we have compiled a small list of heirloom gifts akin to an elegant, fuzzy hug. They can wear these warm gifts on a wedding day, on the plane to the honeymoon, or just on a walk down their favorite street.   Starlace Dream Wrap Bridal Shawl This Hand Knit wonder began as a custom lace creation for a very special mother-daughter duo, and it quickly became one of my personal favorites to wear. It's light and comforting. Made from sustainable stretch cashmere and finished...
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4 Cozy Wedding Looks for Fall Brides

Here are some warm styling ideas no matter what month you're getting married this fall!
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