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Fall is one of my favorite seasons for weddings!  The trees are turning all various shades of yellow and red, and there's a crispness in the air that feels like the start of something new and exciting.

But with this season change, maybe you're wondering what you are going to wear to stay warm? The gorgeous strapless dress that you bought in May, is of your dreams, but already has your arms shivering at the thought of that chilly October air.  Well, our knitted bridal accessories has you covered – literally!

Here are some warm styling ideas for what to wear, no matter what month you're getting married this fall!

 1. September Bride – Star Lace Shrug

September is that awkward month that doesn't quite know what it is – it's cold and warm, and somehow both at the same time!  This romantic hand knit shrug is lightweight and warm, yet breathable because of the intricate lace stitches – A styling option that provides the perfect amount of warmth and breathability for the day that doesn't know what it is.

2. October Bride – Boho Fringe Shawl

This hand crochet bridal shawl is an easy last minute addition for the boho bride who wants something classic yet a little showy!  Made from sustainable 100% cashmere and 100% silk, this accessory is warm and fun without covering up your dress.

3. November Bride – Crystal Rose Shrug

By November most leaves on the trees are gone, but this romanic hand crochet rose shrug is still blooming with life and warmth!  Knit from a stretch cashmere and organic cotton, this incredibly comfortable long sleeve option adds elegance and warmth for November brides.

 4. December Bride – Classic Cloud Pullover

Esther Andrews Bridal hand knit sweater for fall brides

December is when I start getting excited for the hope of snow, so I suggest our warmest bridal sweater – our Cloud Cashmere Pullover   It has a modern fit that hits just at the waist so it works whether you're wearing a jumpsuit, or a princess style gown. It'll keep you warm even during the chilliest outside photoshoot, or ceremony.

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