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For the mom who goes on walks every day, no matter how few leaves are on the trees, for the grandmother whose love language is feeling extra cozy, for the bride who planned a gorgeous January wedding, we have compiled a small list of heirloom gifts akin to an elegant, fuzzy hug. They can wear these warm gifts on a wedding day, on the plane to the honeymoon, or just on a walk down their favorite street.  

3 Cozy Wedding Gift Ideas for Winter Brides
  1. Starlace Dream Wrap Bridal Shawl

This Hand Knit wonder began as a custom lace creation for a very special mother-daughter duo, and it quickly became one of my personal favorites to wear. It's light and comforting. Made from sustainable stretch cashmere and finished with hand-cut silk gauze, to me, this piece feels like it's wrapping me in butterfly wings or soft petals. Truly, a dream bridal shawl you can wear however you wish.

 3 Cozy Wedding Gift Ideas for Winter Brides2. Cloud Wedding Sweater (Grey and Ivory)

This timeless, modern crop bridal sweater with tulip-hemmed sleeves was carefully patterned and graded to fit your loved one perfectly. It is soft, cozy, and will keep you warm even during the snowiest wedding photo shoot. It might pair well with an outside rehearsal dinner, or a pair of jeans on an anniversary years later.

3 Cozy Wedding Gift Ideas for Winter Brides3. Classic Cashmere Bridal Shawl 

Our best-selling bridal gift and most versatile heirloom is the Classic Cashmere Shawl. I attended the wedding of my dear friend, Lissette, recently and was very happy to see how timelessly it paired with her floral-embroidered gown! For me, this piece is a little nostalgic. It takes you back to a time of silk gloves, when something like this may have been a go-to in your stylish grandmother's closet. Right now my favorite way to style it is with a broach on one shoulder, asymmetrically, but there is no wrong way to wear this piece. A simple drape around the arms would have those fashionable heroines of style pursing their lips in approval.

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