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Once upon an evening, when for certain the rest of the family had gone, a mother or grandmother might whisk a daughter away to an old closet. And from the depths of that old closet, they’d pull a wooden box. And inside that box-- folded as if it’d been hiding there forever -- a dress that could have been made yesterday and worn tomorrow.

This was the story I originally wrote as inspiration for what I wanted our packaging to be – a treasures chest.  A protective ecosystem.  A keepsake box for future loved ones to find.

Cedar box for knitwear

Each of these protective cedar boxes are hand made by local Woodworker, Dustin Case.  He crafts them in his Indiana studio just 15minutes away from ours using wood certified by the Forrest Stewardship Council. 

It was important to me for our packaging to be made of wood, because our knitwear is made with the intention to last as family heirlooms and I wanted their packaging to keep them safe.

The cedar wood lining protects the knitwear from hungry moths, the warping effects of hangers, yellowing from sunlight, and other aging effects of time.  It's a protective ecosystem for your knits to return to when you're not wearing them, so a future loved one may wear it one day too.

Cedar gift box for knitwear protection

 Custom made cedar box for sweaters

Handmade cedar keepsake box
Wooden wedding keepsake box

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