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How to Wash Knitwear

We believe that sharing how to properly care for your clothing is a form of love.  A special kind of inheritance that you can pass on to future generations. Below are the recommendations for how to care for sweaters and knitwear.  


Knitwear should never be placed on a hanger. Gravity will warp the piece. Keep folded and laying flat for safe keeping. 


Washing is  best for long lasting care. It keeps the piece soft, and is the biggest defender against hungry moths, who are most attracted to human scent. Wash your piece when needed, and before storage.




Hand wash cashmere/wool with cold water, adding a nickel size of gentle soap. Softly agitate the piece with your hands. Let soak for 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water until there are no more suds.  Gently press the water out with your hands, being mindful not to twist or wring the piece (this will warp the garment). Lay the sweater flat on a towel and gently roll-up to absorb the extra water.  Lay the piece flat on a breathable surface to dry, being mindful not to stretch the piece out of shape while laying.  Let dry completely.  If wrinkled, steam lightly until smooth.  Ready for safe long lasting storage.


Pilling is natural to all knitwear.  The more you wear it, the more the fiber open up, which softens the wool, but also can cause little pills to form. Take a gentle sweater comb to your knitwear to remove the pills and keep your sweater looking fresh.


Our packaging is a protective ecosystem. The museum grade tissue paper holding your piece is acid free, gentle and safe for all of our textiles. The box is fully lined with cedar wood -- a natural protector against moths. Return your folded knitwear to this ecosystem, whenever it isn’t being worn or washed. 


Some pieces, even if washable, have delicate stitches, or embroidery. If “dry clean only” is specified on the care tag, it is because the design of the piece is extra delicate.   


 Have more questions that we didn't answer?  Send us an e-mail, we love talking sweater care!